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Crochet Summery Granny Square Baby Blanket and Hat - FREE PATTERN

My mom's friend is having a little boy this June. My mom has made several different requests as gifts for the family. One of them was a baby blanket. My first attempt at a baby blanket was a few weeks ago. I used a V Stitch and boy, did that blanket take me a while to complete. This time around I went with the ever so popular Granny Square.

- 4 balls of yarn - I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in Cream and High Meadow Stripe
- Size M13/9mm Hook
- Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends

*For this blanket, I used two strands of yarn together at once. I wanted my main color for the blanket to come from the High Meadow Stripe yarn which is a mixture of cream, brown, green, and blue green. To blend in, I choose the Cream yarn.
**Also about this yarn, it has a lot of stretch to it. More than I was used to! Take this into consideration when measuring out your work, if you're going to choose different measurements for your finished blanket. HOWEVER, the granny square provides more support and less stretch.
***To make this set more Summer friendly, you can easily change out the acrylic yarn for a cotton one. Continue to measure here and there as changing yarns can change the final size.

After completing the blanket, I had half a ball of the Cream yarn left over.
Note: If you choose two solid colored yarns, you will also have half a ball of your second color of yarn. Self-striping yarns are sold in less ounces.

In my first hour, I was able to complete 11 rows or 17". Rows 12 to 19, took approximately 12 minutes each and the border took about half that, for a total of roughly 2 hours 45 minutes.

     CH - Chain
     ea - each
     sp - space
     SC - Single Crochet
     DC - Double Crochet
     sl st - Slip Stitch

     This is hard to pinpoint exactly because of the stretch but each round was approximately 0.75" in height.
     Since this blanket is customizable, gauge isn't important.

     30" x 30"
*If you're unsure about the size you'd like to make, I found a Blanket and Afghan Size Chart courtesy of Clare of BOBWILSON123 with a range of sizes for preemie's up to adult size and lapghans.

Note for Pattern:
     If you want your blanket rounds to be in alternating colors (such as red one round, blue the next), then at the end of the round you will fasten off. You will join your next color into the CH-1 space.
If you are only using one color throughout (like me), then you will be slip stitching over to the CH-1 space in the beginning of each round.

CH 4. Join to form a ring. CH 3. 2 DC in ring, CH 1, (3 DC in ring, CH 1) 3 times.

Rnd 2: sl st over to the CH-1 sp. CH 3, 2 DC in same CH-1 sp, CH 2, 3 DC into same sp. CH 1, (3 DC into next CH-1 sp, CH 2, 3 DC in same sp, CH 1) around. Join.

Rnd 3: sl st over to the CH-1 sp. CH 3, 2 DC in same sp, CH 2, 3 DC into same CH-1 sp, CH 1, (3 DC into next CH-sp, CH 2, 3 DC in same sp, CH 1, 3 DC in next sp, CH 1) around. Join.

Rnd 4-19: You will continue in this pattern, slip stitching into the next CH-1 sp in the beginning of each round, (3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC) in each corner (where the CH-2 spaces are), and (3 DC, CH 1) in each side (where the CH-1 spaces are). You will notice with each round, the number of CH-1 spaces will increase by 1.

Edging: After last join, CH 1, SC in ea DC and ea CH-1 sp with 2 SC in ea CH-2 sp.

Please feel free to make and sell this scarf, but please DO NOT claim this pattern on your own nor should you sell my pattern, and DO NOT re-publish my photos as your own.

I also made a matching hat using the Basic Beanie Crochet Pattern courtesy of Sarah from Family Bugs Blogging. I used the Half Double Crochet Pattern courtesy of Rhondda from Oombawka Design to reference the length. 
Although I made the set as a gift for a newborn, I decided to make the hat for 3-6 months just so it will last a little longer.

This Summery Baby Blanket is available for purchase in my Etsy shop. Size and color options are completely customizable so don't be shy to ask! Here, you can find some color options.

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