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Adjustable Shells Headband - Crochet Pattern Review - Rebeckah's Treasures

I pattern tested this for my friend Rebeckah of Rebeckah's Treasures. I am always blown away at her creativity, and the energy and detail she puts into each of her patterns and projects. She designed this as part of the Designers Potpourri CAL, a year long crochet-a-long featuring four designers and 15 free crochet patterns! I had fun testing this pattern out, and didn't want to take off the headband once I was finished. Initially, I grabbed a skein I thought was light gray and was just going to go with it, but it ended up being Ivory and the shell pattern really came through beautifully! (Though, I think it would have in the light gray as well, or any lighter color - I think a darker color may be harder to see the shells). 

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Materials I Used:
     - Small Amount of Artiste #10 Cotton Crochet Thread (Hobby Lobby) in the Ivory and Poppy Red colorways
     - D3mm Crochet Hook
     - #20 Tapestry Needle for Weaving
     - 4.5mm & H8/5mm Crochet Hooks (optional - for Part 1)
     - Adjustable Shells Headband, Paid Crochet Pattern by Rebeckah's Treasures

Material Notes:
     Yarn Alternatives: Aunt Lydia's Classic #10 Thread. 

Time Spent:
     I had mine finished in just under an hour. 

     1 7/8" Wide by 16.25" Long; 1 7/8" Wide by 15.5" Long 


Pattern Notes:
     After working Part 1, I pulled out my H8/5mm hook to shape the tube, then I used my 4.5mm hook to pull the rubber band through. Probably much easier to hook a safety pin around the rubber band and pull through, but because I didn't have one, the hook worked too.

The pattern is very detailed with suggestions for starting stitches. I wanted a thinner headband so I started with 13 single crochet onto the band, which left me with two shells. I worked a total of 57 rows to equal 16.25" long (including the band, which is 2.5" long when folded). 
Take 2: After working a couple other headbands, I prefer a 15.5" long piece. It feels better fitted. To achieve this, I worked 48 rows, and then joined.

*Originally, I worked my Ivory headband with a chain 2 as the beginning stitch count. After working the whole piece, and sewing together, I found that my headband was too tight along the edge where the last stitch is worked into the beginning chain 2. I thought maybe a chain 3, or chainless double crochet would be alternatives next go 'round. In between headbands though, I worked the Staggered Stitch Cowl, which I faced a similar issue - but worse! To help ease the side of the cowl, I worked a chain 4, and then worked the last stitch into the 3rd chain of this beginning chain. I decided to try this on my second headband, and it worked out perfectly!

At the end, I chained 1 and turned. Then I folded the work as to work across, and I did so as the pattern stated working onto the other side of the band. Once across, I fastened off, and turned my piece so the side just worked on was the wrong side.
Overall, this is a great tutorial chalk full of lots of helpful information and photos, and the pattern is really easy to follow and memorize and produces a beautiful headband with great crispness using cotton thread. I can't wait to bust out thread from my stash and make a bunch more in other colors!

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